6 online dating tips for guys that actually work

For many men, a first date is the first and last meeting with a girl. Unfortunately, most of us drop out after the first date and can't count on a second chance. Therefore, it is very important to do well at the first meeting. If we make too many cardinal mistakes, the woman will simply cancel us out and never come to the meeting again. What to do to make the first date successful? Learn 6 useful tips.

1. Make a first date plan

Before you go on a date, it's important to think about a few things and come up with a simple plan. Thanks to this, you will feel more confident, you will know what behaviors and topics to avoid a wide berth, and you will focus only on your partner and conversation with her. Thus, you will naturally introduce a note of spontaneity to your meeting. Remember that you are not the only one trying to make the best impression. A slight stress can also accompany the woman you have made an appointment with. Therefore, it would be great if you could relieve tension, and the best tool for that is a sense of humor.

2. Dress appropriately

Many men ask themselves how to dress for a date with a woman to make a great impression. You know, we don't want to overdo it either way. The question is how? First, dress neatly - this will show the woman who spends time with you - respect. What you are wearing has a huge impact on how they view you. When you show up in untidy, dirty clothes and muddy shoes - you won't have to say anything. You will communicate non-verbally that you don't care how you fall out and you don't care about your chosen one. Second, also remember not to overdo it the other way. Unless you are going to the opera - don't wear a suit. If you chose a cafe - dress smart, but not "stiff". Wear something that you will feel comfortable in.

3. Think about the place of your first date in advance

The man with the plan is just attractive. It shows that he has the initiative. So think ahead and don't be shy to take the helm. Don't ask her what she wants to do if it's you who offered the first date. Come up with something that will please you in a neutral place. Do not choose too crowded places for the first meeting, but also do not offer to go out to your apartment. Leave that for further dates, when you get to know each other a little better.

The safe way out on the first date is a secluded cafe, an intimate restaurant, a friendly club - a place where you can talk in peace without shouting over yourself. When a woman is with a man who knows what she wants and is confident, she feels she can rest and really enjoy her first date. There will be time for unusual or extreme dating.

4. Be punctual!

Don't let the first date start late because of you. If this happens, offer your companion a drink to apologize and relax. Remember, she is as nervous as you are. Don't add stress to him.

5. Watch your body language

Our movements, gestures and posture tell us more about us than we might think. They inform in particular about who we are and what our intentions are. We usually have control over our words (although it is not always easy), but our body expression reveals what we do not communicate verbally.

The first date is a very stressful event for both parties, especially when you've met through a dating site. When you meet face to face for the first time after making an online acquaintance, each of you wants to do your best. However, on a first date, you are never quite sure what the other person thinks about you. Body language can help you, thanks to which you will discover what impression you are making on your partner. Our bodies, more or less consciously, send the other person signs of interest or, on the contrary, of its complete absence. First date body language is your ally.

Body language says a lot about us, our mood and our true feelings. Also remember to listen actively. If she tells you about herself, ask questions, smile, look at her so that she feels that you are not bored and that you really want to get to know her better.

When she is playing with her hair, looking you straight in the eye, it certainly means that she wants to flirt - that is, she is showing interest. It is a very clear and precise signal. It is worth remembering, however, that not every "play with the hair" is an invitation to closer acquaintance. If she or he doesn't look you in the eye and straightens his hair more embarrassedly - it may mean that he doesn't feel confident and ... is waiting for a signal from you. Body language specialists often emphasize that it is really worth paying attention to the position of the partner's feet on a date. If they are directed towards you - you can start setting yourself up for a longer acquaintance. If not, however, he or she may not be as interested as you expect.

If a woman avoids eye contact, her body position is withdrawn, hunched over, it means that she is not interested in you. When he additionally taps his fingers on the table top, keeps his legs crossed at the ankles, it is better to end the meeting as soon as possible. These signals make it clear that she is irritated and bored.

6. Think about the topics of the talks

The first date is an opportunity to get to know each other better. So take up pleasant topics and avoid questions about ex-girlfriends, politics, religion… This is not meant to be an audition! Act naturally and remember that a date is meant to be a nice meeting, so do not do anything to spoil the pleasant atmosphere. The ability to listen carefully is also important - women pay great attention to whether we can listen to them and maintain a conversation. Let us show interest in a woman, and we will certainly gain in her eyes. Let us also be calm and calm. Women value men's confidence, maturity and the ability to control emotions.