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A Guide for Future Partners - How to Revive Your Sex Life



In long-term relationships, the spark that was once felt in the beginning can fade over time. You and your partner may have come into a more intimate and comfortable life together, and that's great! However, good sex is also important for the intimacy and closeness you feel in your relationship. If you feel that your professional life, family responsibilities or stress have caused you to lose the spark in your sex life, do not worry, you can turn it around with a little effort! Start reviving your sex life by communicating more, being spontaneous and trying new things. If you work all day or are busy building a family, you may find that you stop seeing your partner as a lover. Maintaining a sexual connection helps you keep a sense of sexuality out of the bedroom. Try:

- Send juicy text messages during the day.

- To say "I like you" or pay an unexpected, sexually charged compliment

- To be physically bolder by affection

Create sexual space to arouse your senses

Remember to create an environment that appeals to each of your five senses to maximize the sensual experience.

- Sight: Particularly soft flash and candlelight can be very romantic and can cast exciting shadows in a room. Think of colors that excite you. Try changing bedding for something sexy.

- Sound: Playing music can help you get in the mood. Think about the type of music that makes you feel sexy or calm and chilled.

- Smell: Your partner's favorite scent or favorite aromatherapy oil can get your heart rate racing. Lavender helps to relax, ylang ylang can increase sensuality or choose sandalwood to increase your sexual energy.

- Taste: The link between food and sexual desire is well known. Foods that are said to contain aphrodisiacs include strawberries, asparagus, chocolate, oysters, saffron and lettuce.

- Touch: Your skin is the largest sensory organ you have, but it is often forgotten. Interesting textures such as silk, fur, feather and satin can help you revive a passion for touch and feeling.

Talk to your partner

Communication is important for a healthy sex life. When you want to get that spark back in your life, the easiest first step is to talk to your partner more often. It can help in the beginning to have an open and honest conversation about your sex life. Try to determine what may have caused the spark to fade. Once you understand some of the causes, you can start finding solutions to them. Consider factors such as the following.

- A recording with other responsibilities or life events.

- Emotional gaps in your relationship.

- Health crises

- A natural decline due to age.

Change the rules for romantic initiation

If sex has become a bit of a routine, try to spice things up by initiating sex in new ways:

- Romantic and tender: This can start with a romantic supper or massage or a gesture that says "I love you".

- Brazen and bold: Try a sexy, direct statement or physical come-on that is straightforward and says "I want you".

- Urgent and frantic: The tempo increases quickly after the usual hug and kiss.

- Bold and erotic: Increase the volume by dressing sexy or performing a strip tease for your partner.

Try to change the time, place and technology to further beat the boredom in the bedroom.

Intimacy means more than just having sex. You can increase intimacy through conversation, share experiences and develop trust. Increasing your intimacy helps show your partner that you love them and want to revive your spark. It also helps you to be present in your relationship and your sex life as well. Take time to focus on each other in a way that you may not have been able to for a while. Try the following.

- Face each other and make eye contact when talking or in silence.

- Be stupid and share laughter together.

- Ask each other deeper questions about hopes, dreams and memories. For example, "What is your most valuable memory?" or "What are your dreams for your life?"

Talk about sex

As your relationship develops, what you find attractive may change. You and your partner can work during shutdowns and shutdowns from earlier in your relationship. You may not have discussed them in a long time. Take time now to have a romantic conversation about what ignites the spark and what extinguishes it. Talking about it by hand will also create the stage for being more open, talkative and maybe even directive during sex. If you want to try something new, talk to your partner about it now.

- Talk about the best sex you've ever had together. Remember what you liked about it. Tell your partner.

- Talk about all the fantasies you have or something you always wanted to try.

- Talk about turn-ons and turn-offs. Try to start the conversation with "We haven't talked about it for a while and I'm curious. What turns you on? Is there something big to turn off?"

- If you're nervous, try taking turns showing your turn-on and turn-offs with your partner.

- If you're struggling to decide what turns you on now, try reconnecting with some previous turn-ons in your relationship and see if they still work.

- If you or your partner are still unsure, have a night where you both focus on just one partner and find out what your turn-ons are.

It may sound more like the way to approach your job than a way to spice up your sex life, but there are many reasons to have regular meetings with your partner just to have sex.

Whether sex actually happens is not the point, it's about being close together in a physical way and making sure it happens. While many of us like to prioritize a date, which may include dinner and a movie, very few of us take the same approach when it comes to our sex lives. And the sad truth is that when we come home from a computer night, we are often too tired to get in touch with our partner again.

Understand why you want sex

Everyone has different reasons for having sex, and spontaneous sexual desire is just one. If you do not have spontaneous desire, it is not your reason to have sex with your partner. But there may be other good reasons that can serve as your motivator. This may include wanting to get pregnant, feeling alive and happy after the experience, feeling closer to your partner or simply enjoying the health benefits of an active sex life.

In addition to understanding why you want sex, it is important to think about the thoughts and beliefs you have about sex - and what it means for you and your partner to have sex. For someone who thinks that sex means enduring love, having a partner who has sex for sports - it will be really interesting, negotiating the speed and level at which you have sex. By understanding each other's motives, you can negotiate the level of sex you and your partner want and work for the shared goal.

Being spontaneous

Touch more often. Resuming the spark in your sex life means adding a little excitement to your relationship. With stress, responsibility and comfort in your relationship, you and your partner may not touch so much all day. Do not wait until you are behind closed doors or until you want sex to touch each other. Touching more often can increase intimacy and show your partner that you want them.

- Hug each other longer than usual.

- Holding hands.

- Give your partner a neck massage.

- Brush playfully against them or whisper in your ear.

Being spontaneous often means adding new things to increase the excitement. Try sexting, which means that you send a sexy picture of yourself or a suggestive comment to your partner via mobile phone. Keep your partner excited about what is to come and discover new sides of each other. Sex can be new, exciting and can open up sexual communication between you and your partner.

To set some fire on your sex life, try to steal your partner from what they do for spontaneous sex wherever you can. Depending on where you are, this could be sex in the kitchen, in the car or if you get the chance to take an elevator. You can also try to have sex at a time you would not normally do, for example in the afternoon. Spontaneity will help to spice things up and the risk of being "caught" will increase the tension. This can also increase the desire to have sex with both you and your partner.

Sex is less an action and more a tool. Sex is first and foremost about fulfillment and intimacy, it is a tool that partners can use to create contact. You can not approach sex as a homework assignment.

It is the shame that is to blame for the obsession with how much and not what sex couples have. We live in such a quantitative society where our sex standards are so poor that people only know how to talk about sex in terms of how much they have.

The pressure of having a certain amount of sex causes us excessive and completely unnecessary stress. After all, it's harder to pee when someone looks at you, let alone have sex and enjoy it when it's only a certain number of times. That's not how our endocrine system works, and that's not how our nervous system works. Professionals often avoid using numbers and languages ​​that emphasize the value of having sex in large numbers. It evokes bad ideas. Too much focus on a specific number and the paranoia behind it changes the real purpose of gender.

Each pair goes through different phases together. Together, you will experience aging, illness, life events and stress, all of which change the amount of sex you desire and achieve. Intimacy is about showing your sensitive side, so say what is difficult to say and sometimes just as difficult to hear. “What does not suit you? Is it about the amount of sex you get? Or maybe how we do it? ”.

If you and your partner are not comfortable with this type of conversation, I suggest you practice difficult conversations about minor sexual topics first and then choose everything. Many dissatisfied couples are caught up in predictable sex. What happens? The same unchanging step - I took a shower, I will sit next to you, you will understand what I mean, I will touch your breasts and so on.

It's time to change that. It does not matter if it is through honest conversations or visiting an erotic gadget store, it is worth being open to new opportunities. Sex in bed? No, try having sex in a car or some other more interesting place instead!

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