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How to start a conversation on a dating site? A quick guide

Do you like a girl or guy you've met online, but don't know how to start a conversation? Have you met a girl and exchanged contacts, but you don't know how to take the first step to get her interested in your person? How to write with a new person you meet - learn tips that will result in an interesting relationship! How to attract the other person? Especially if she doesn't know us? The first important point is to use a compelling and intriguing theme. This may not seem like a matter of much importance. After all, the most important thing is the content of the message itself. And yet this is wrong thinking! The most important thing is to get started right. Remember that every day a very large number of messages flow into the mailbox of people registered on dating websites. Therefore, we must somehow distinguish ourselves. It is known that messages from everyone are not read. In this case, an intriguing topic will work very well. Thanks to this, we get a good chance that our message will be opened by a person who is in the circle of our interests.

Above all, remember that this first step is crucial. So take a long time to think about how to write to a girl or boyfriend for the first time. It has to be interesting for the other person to write back to. You have to bear in mind that this person may not be interested in the usual "hello" or smiley emoticon from someone they hardly know.

Start by carefully examining the profile of the person you are interested in. Try to deduce what she is interested in, review exactly what she wrote about herself, lifestyle, work, and interests. This knowledge will surely be very helpful.

When viewing photos on a person's profile, don't just focus on the face or silhouette. Maybe this person throws in from many interesting places? That would mean she enjoys traveling, and it's a great idea to start a conversation.

Show your interest in the welcome Messager

What should be the beginning of a conversation on a dating site? Show interest in the other person, but don't take advantage of clichés that everyone can afford. You will not achieve any result this way. In case we want a specific person to respond to our message, we really need to prove that we care about it. We have to think about what captivated us in the other person, made us most interested and led to the fact that a thought appeared in our head to talk to her. It is worth referring to it! Maybe it was a description, passions, hobbies, a similar way of life, similar values or philosophy that you follow? This is a great way to get opening text on portals like Tinder! You never know if we will fail to hit a significant and important point that will start an interesting conversation, and then a passionate acquaintance. Great romances often start with simple words and a little coffee!

Getting started with a conversation is never easy. He talks to a guy differently than to a girl. First, let's focus on the fair sex. It's worth rethinking how to start writing with your girlfriend. You should focus unobtrusively on her. But do you know how to write with a girl to get her interested in yourself? It's simple: emphasize a shared passion or hobby. You both like computer games? Ask her about her favorite and tell her about your favorites. Importantly, even if she likes a completely different type of games than you - do not criticize her choice! Show that as an expert on the subject, you can see the advantages of the games she believes are the best. Ask if she has read comics or seen a movie related to the game. And tell about your impressions. Still don't know what to talk to a girl about because you just don't have any information about her? Think about it, maybe you have friends in common who could give you some tips.

How do you talk to a guy? Men often feel the pointless of online courtship and simple schemes operate on them. If you like the boyfriend, smoke directly and ask where you will have your first drink. We often waste our time on unnecessary conversations, and we are well aware that we both fit together. Why waste your time on internet courtship, try it face to face right away.

It's worth asking questions!

Ask questions as this is the basis for establishing a meaningful relationship. This is what making friends is all about. Of course, we need to know what questions to ask. We cannot be nosy and contribute to crossing the boundaries that we should not move at the beginning. Let us remember that we cannot know everything at the beginning. Acquaintance is just beginning. There will be time to explore other, more private spheres of your life!

You have to present yourself in positive colors, stating that what we say is really real. A lot of people who use the virtual world start to feel at ease and come up with amazing stories about themselves. All this to be more profitable. However, if we want to establish a more serious relationship with a given person, we must bear in mind that the untruth will sooner or later come to light. Then we may lose what we have been building for some time. The lie will always be discovered. It may happen that we forget ourselves and say something, or that unconscious people around us say something that tells us that our stories were untrue.

You want your attractive dating site acquaintance to survive, so you have to write the truth, act as if you met in the real world. One should not take away years, kilograms, add countless advantages, skills and passions. The most important thing is to be yourself. Only this approach allows you to get the best results and gives you the chance to get true and sincere love. You never know, maybe this dream person is waiting for you on the other side of the link!

Remember that every girl is different, so general advice on what girls like to talk about doesn't necessarily apply to the person you want to connect with. Pay attention to a specific person, their interests and preferences - do not use generalities. What topic are you really free to write about with a girl you don't know? Ask about her job, studies or the city where she lives. You can ask for recommendations on interesting attractions or a good restaurant - this is a great excuse to start a conversation. Try to ask her for advice in the field in which she is a specialist or, as we mentioned earlier, refer to her interests.

Be careful with romantic challenges. Of course, a nice compliment is usually very well seen, but romantic lyrics can be different. In many cases, it may be wiser to save them for later stages of your acquaintance, when you get to know each other better, but it is a very individual matter that requires special sensitivity.

If you thought any girl would be tempted to reply to messages like, "Hey, how are you?" Then you are wrong. If she is alone and looking for a partner, she probably has an account on one of the dating apps and reads similar texts several times a day. Be original, come up with an original greeting, maybe even a bit longer than the usual tease - first of all, stand out from the crowd of the same guests. As with the first message, do not use clichéd phrases and write to her that she looks like an angel that fell from heaven or that she has beautiful eyes. She would not believe it, nor would she be interested in such a cheap compliment. If you want to interest her, choose something less obvious.

Before deciding to write to the girl you liked, think carefully about what your first message will look like. Remember that while there are universal taunts, messages that are usually used to start a conversation, every woman is different, and what might be of interest to one may not necessarily catch the other's attention. Always read her social media posts carefully and browse her profile so you can learn more about her and be able to benefit from information that tells a lot about her. Choose the least obvious ones. If she likes hiking in the mountains, but has recently become interested in e.g. handicrafts, choose the latter interest. As with compliments, choose things that are less obvious at first glance and she will surely notice that fact.

If you do not know how to write with a girl and start a conversation, write to her that you are shy and that you usually do not write with a stranger first. But this time you gathered courage because you think she is worth it. If she replies that she is happy about this fact and that you do not appear to be a shy person, it bodes well for you because you have already caught her attention.

Ask open-ended questions. The starting point can be the weather. It's a universal classic! However, do not ask the interlocutor if he likes it, but for example what he or she likes best or what season of the year is his / her favorite. You can also ask for advice (e.g. how to get to a place as quickly as possible) or opinion (e.g. about a new restaurant in the area). Skip the so-called "Cheap pick-up lines". They work similarly to stereotypical pickup lines, they do not impress anyone.

Find something that connects you with another person to start a conversation. It may be, for example, height, similar style of clothing, hairstyle. In the conversation, grab the interlocutor's words and look for a reference to your own life. Also, ask questions that are easy to answer.

Comment on something that is happening around you

Make a note of what is currently happening. Say something about a long line in which you are standing or loud music in the room or guests at a party. Remember that each situation is unique, so it gives you a lot of opportunities to start a conversation.

Bet on safe topics

We like to talk about children, animals, hobbies, music, movies and food. Take a look at your potential interlocutor, then try to start a nice chat on a topic. These can be similar experiences with children, travel anecdotes, funny work stories, the latest episode of a popular TV series or adventures with pets. Avoid talking about politics and religion.